Hydromulching is also referred to as hydroseeding, hydro-mulching, or hydro-seeding. It is a fast, economical, and efficient grass planting method. It’s more effective compared to other solutions for grass seeding and significantly less expensive than traditional sodding.

Benefits of Hydroseeding
The two primary benefits of hydromulching are (1) even application, and (2) fast germination of seeds.  The reason why hydromulching germinates much faster compared to other seeding methods is that the mulch is fully blended with the fertilizer and seeds. Also, it wicks up the water in order to keep the grass seed moist for longer periods of time.

Such process begins by mixing water, fertilizer, seeds, and mulch in a tank. Then the slurry grass seed mixture which looks like green paper mache is pumped from the tank and sprayed on the surface of the ground. Once the slurry seed mixture is sprayed on the soil, it enhances the initial growth of grass by establishing a good environment for the germination of seeds.

The mulch can significantly minimize moisture evaporation from the soil. Grass seeds just like any other seeds require a constantly moist ground for a few weeks in order to grow and develop. Poor germination or development is often due to lack of water. Mulch also protects the soil from erosion. If soil erosion is prevented or reduced, seeds are held in place, assuring a more even lawn. Additionally, the mulch protects the seeds from wind, and animal or human activities. We do not recommend this process if you do  not have an automated sprinkler system as it is necessary to water multiple times per day. 

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