It’s Winter in Pueblo.

So that means it’s going to be 60° during the day and 10° or lower at night. There’s not much to do other than wait for the snow to fall and break out the shovels and ice melt. Snow removal can be backbreaking work, but snow plows and heavy duty shovels sure make things easier. Hiring somebody to do it for you is also a lot easier. So give us a call and see if we have any openings to provide snow removal services.

Also, don’t forget about your lawn during the winter. Neglecting it can lead to many problems in the spring. Water your lawn once or twice a month during the winter on warm days, when there’s no snow on the ground. It could prevent what’s known as winter kill. If you have a sprinkler system and it’s been winterized, don’t use it. Use a hose and sprinkler attachment.

Abe’s Landscape and Maintenance, Inc. is a full-service lawn and landscape maintenance company located right here in your neighborhood. We’re experienced, reliable, and competitively priced. You don’t have to sign a seasonal contract with Abe’s Landscaping and Maintenance, Inc. to get our best rates. We can provide service month to month or even week to week depending on your needs. And of course, your satisfaction is 100 per cent guaranteed.

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