Summer is here

The start of summer has passed and the temperatures aren’t going to get any cooler. 90°+ temperatures will be normal from here on out and won’t be relenting any time soon. Even the mornings and evenings, usually prime lawn maintenance times during the summer, are going to be unbearable. Are you sure you want to be mowing your lawn in this heat? Or maybe you’re tired of dragging a hose and sprinkler around your yard, well now is the time to install a sprinkler system. We can design and install a modern and efficient system, custom tailored to your lawn and gardens.

Abe’s Landscape and Maintenance, Inc. can help. We’re a full-service landscaping and lawn maintenance company located right here in your neighborhood. We’re experienced, reliable, licensed, insured and competitively priced. You don’t have to sign a seasonal contract with Abe’s Landscaping and Maintenance, Inc. to get our best rates. And of course, your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed. Be sure to check out our list of services and then contact us for more info or request an estimate directly from our website.

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