Pueblo Aerating

Aeration is a crucial component of maintaining a healthy lawn. Core aeration reduces compaction of your soil, allowing grass roots to spread more easily and allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate deeper.

We provide lawn aerating services as a stand-alone service..

If you have an existing sprinkler system, please flag your heads before aerating, we will not identify, or be held responsible for broken unflagged sprinkler heads in your lawn. Please note that we do not collect the plugs left over from aeration. They will be completely broken down by watering after two to three weeks.

Our lawn aeration rates

Our square footage rates are based on grass areas only, not your entire lot.

ft2 Cost
<2000 $60.00
2000 $65.00
3000 $75.00
4000 $85.00
5000 $95.00
6000 $105.00
7000 $115.00
8000 $125.00
9000 $135.00
10,000 $145.00
>10,000 Call for quote

What is Aeration?

Aeration is a process of puncturing (spike aeration) or “plugging” (core aeration) a lawn in order to improve water, air, and nutrient absorption of the soil. It also reduces soil compaction allowing grass roots to more easily penetrate┬áthe soil and grow. It can also help with drainage of excess water. Core aeration is the preferred method of aerating and it is the process we use exclusively.

Do I need to aerate?

Yes, typically one to two times a year is preferred for maintaining a very healthy lawn. We suggest aerating, at least, every Spring. It is best to perform your first aeration a week after you activate your sprinklers in the Spring.

  • **2023 We will only be offering Residential mowing services this season. No other services will be offered. We are sorry for the inconvenience.