Residential Landscape Maintenance

We believe in upfront pricing, we don’t hide try to hide it. Some companies may charge more if they think you can afford more (if they see you have a brand new luxury car parked in your driveway, for example). Not us, our pricing table is below so you can see what kind of price to expect before you pick up the phone. Our typical season runs for 32 weeks starting in early to mid April and going to the end of October. Please read our service notes for important information.

Weekly service rates

Our square footage rates are based on grass areas only, not your entire lot.

ft2 Price
< 2,000 $35.00
2,000+ $40.00
3,000+ $45.00
4,000+ $50.00
5,000+ $55.00
6,000+ $60.00
7,000+ $65.00
8,000+ $70.00
9,000+ $75.00
10,000+ Call for quote


Additional services such as aeration, power raking, overseeding, hedge trimming, and more; are available on a per job basis.

We can also set up lawn fertilization and weed control services provided by Chem-way and tree fertilization from Kenny G’s Quality Trees. Billing for those services will be separate from our billing.

Service plan notes

  • Our lawn maintenance service is week-to-week, cancel at any time. No contracts and no minimum requirements either.
  • You are billed monthly on a post paid basis. Depending on the month, your bill may have four or five weeks of service. Your payment is due within 10 days of the date printed on the bill.
  • All service levels include cleanup of grass clippings off of sidewalks and drives.
  • If we break it, we fix it. We will repair any sprinkler heads we break at no charge. If you find a broken sprinkler please call us and it will be repaired within 24 hours of us being notified.
  • Our schedule is determined by our workload. We can tell you what day of the week your landscape will be serviced, but cannot provide an exact time. Weather delays may happen throughout the season. Most delays are only 1 day at most.
  • We will not mow a yard if there are loose dogs in it. Please have your pets inside when we arrive, for their safety as much as ours.
  • Pet waste cleanup is the responsibility of the home owner. We will not pick up animal waste prior to mowing.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your service for any reason, but will usually only do so if you haven’t paid your bill in a reasonably timely manner. We try not to let late payments bother us, but please don’t take advantage of us. If you need to make other arrangements for paying your bill, call us, we’ll work with you.
  • **2023 We will only be offering Residential mowing services this season. No other services will be offered. We are sorry for the inconvenience.