Power Raking

Pueblo Power Raking

We offer power raking as an additional service for those lawns that need it. If you think your lawn needs to be power raked but aren’t sure, call us and we can evaluate your lawn. Our power raking service includes the power raking and cleanup and haul-off of all thatch that is removed from your lawn. There is a limited time frame for power raking, starting in late February and only lasting into late March, so plan accordingly.

Our power raking rates

Our square footage rates are based on grass areas only, not your entire lot.

ft2  Cost
<2000 $100.00
2000 $120.00
3000 $130.00
4000 $150.00
5000 $170.00
6000 $190.00
7000 $210.00
8000 $230.00
9000 $250.00
10,000 $270.00
>10,000 Call for quote

What is Power Raking?

Power raking is a process of removing excess thatch from a lawn using a specialized machine that rakes the lawn at a high rate of speed using multiple rakes. Power raking can help revitalize a lawn by removing dead grass and leaves that may be preventing water and fertilizer from absorbing into the ground and overcrowding grass roots.

What is Thatch?

Thatch is a build-up of organic matter which can include dead grass, leaves, stems, overcrowded grass roots and lateral weed growth. Thatch can stifle the growth and health of grass. Removing the thatch helps the grass by encouraging it to thicken up and also makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease. Reducing thatch levels increases the levels of water, air and nutrients that can get through to the root zone of the grass plants. Significant thatch problems in lawns can cause diseases and can encourage moss to grow in the areas where grass has died.


Do I need to power rake?

Most lawns don’t need to be power raked every year, in fact once every four to five years is typically sufficient, and some very healthy lawns may never need it. But if you walk on your lawn and it feels “spongy” it may be time to power rake. You may also consider power raking if you plan to overseed your lawn in the spring. A deep power raking can create the necessary furrows for the seed to fall into. To reduce the probability of needing a power raking of your lawn, make sure to do a proper yard clean up every spring and fall. Don’t let fallen leaves and debris sit on your lawn. And make sure to bag and properly dispose of your lawn clippings every time you mow.

  • **2023 We will only be offering Residential mowing services this season. No other services will be offered. We are sorry for the inconvenience.